The Foodie Goes Vegan (for 3 days)…the Full Hippie

 ‘Do you know somewhere that does a good green juice?’ Suze’s question  is music to my ears. I’m a big fan of Schkinny Maninny (more on my experience with their detox programs here) and they recently opened a juice bar in Pott’s Point. Vegan Day 2 breaky awaits.

Now that I understand a green juice can actually taste yummy and fruity rather than yucky and slimy, I have a huge crush on them. Have you green juiced? If someone would come to my place every morning and make one fresh, I’d start every day with a green juice. As it is, I know I’m too damn lazy to clean a juicer, let alone carry the 7000kg of the required fruit and veggies home every week. My Schkinny Leap Frog juice is green, citrusy goodness. Suze’s juice is fine but tooooo veggie-tasting for me. The juice bar is tiny with a cute-tacky plastic greenery sidewalk space. I’m thrilled that they sell bottles of juice, too.

014 200x300 The Foodie Goes Vegan (for 3 days)…the Full HippieFrom Pott’s Point we make our way to Sadhana Kitchen in Newtown via Zensations Tea House (more on them another time, too)  I first heard of SK in a Broadsheet article on the best cakes in Sydney.  That definitely piqued my interest considering Sadhana Kitchen is raw food vegan. The kind of place you’d never find if you didn’t know it was there, I feel like I’ve stepped back to an earlier inner-north-Melbourne version of me and walked into a cafe on Smith Street.  Best of all, I know this place is Suze down to the ground icon smile The Foodie Goes Vegan (for 3 days)…the Full Hippie  This place is about as hippie as hippie gets (and I mean that well, my sweet Suzy!). We settle in the back on the floor with piles of Thai cushions and Buddha on our table.

The menu is quite a trip for me featuring things like walnut mince, cultured cashew cheese and zucchini ‘pasta’ . The Supersalad looks great but I don’t think it pushes my boundaries enough. (Ok, I am intrigued by the hemp seeds…) Honestly, there are several things on the menu I’m pretty keen to try. We order the Tejas Tacos served with walnut mince, salsa, guacamole and sour cream and the Sadhana Lasagna zucchini pasta, cultured cashew cheese, basil pesto, walnut mince, wilted spinach and chunky tomato sauce. Our food is served with ‘peace and love.’ Namaste. First bites…this food is excellent!  Both dishes PACKED full of flavour. The texture, although not meaty (obviously) is good and it works for both Mexican and Italian.  The richness of the lasagna gives it authenticity.  They have used herbs and spices generously in both dishes. I don’t feel like I’m eating the full-on hippie food that I am.031 300x300 The Foodie Goes Vegan (for 3 days)…the Full Hippie

The serves are generous and I have to tell you, I’m pretty full…but let’s face it, I came here with dessert on the brain.  It’s my job to select….and it is a tough choice but someone has to do it. The guy in front of me is getting the lowdown and when the waitress says the words ‘it is seriously addictive’ I know we have to try the chocolate orange jaffa cake. I want a contrast to the chocolate so go with the blueberry 030 150x150 The Foodie Goes Vegan (for 3 days)…the Full Hippielemon ‘cheese’cake. Suze and I both expect the jaffa to be dense and mud-cake like but our forks slide through a mousse with incredibly dense chocolate flavour cut through with orangey goodness (the pile of orange zest and cacao nib on the side is a pretty touch that takes the cake a step deeper into cacao heaven). I assume that both it and the ‘cheese’cake are tofu based but neither are…both are essentially nut-creams (what??) and other fanciful ingredients I haven’t consciously heard of before. The blueberry-lemon flavours are a perfect sweet-tart partnership in a smooth creamy cheesecake.  The crust is good but a bit heavy for such a light cake. I would challenge anyone to blind taste it and pick it as vegan.

004 300x231 The Foodie Goes Vegan (for 3 days)…the Full HippieHonestly. I totally rate Sadhana Kitchen. Sure, I would probably only go back with a veggie / vegan friend but I would thoroughly enjoy it.

minilogo The Foodie Goes Vegan (for 3 days)…the Full Hippie



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  1. You know me very well! I want that juice genie too. I did love Sadhana … would so be a regular if I lived in Sydney

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