Pillar of Salt

pillar of salt 175x300 Pillar of SaltIt’s my last day in Melbourne and the last day of Xmas hols before returning to work. Obviously, breaky out is required. The lovely Suze and I head over to Richmond hoping that Pillar of Salt is one of the cafes open over the break. It is! And they are busy, it looks like we’ll probably have to queue.  We are immediately greeted by a cute, friendly boy and jackpot! There are 2 spots at the bar in the window overlooking Church Street just waiting for us. They use their space well, with inside seating complemented by the bar stools along the window, an inviting courtyard out the back and a few tables along the side lane as well. It is a bustling hive of activity and well-staffed so you never lack attention. Almost as soon as we sat down, a waitress greeted us with water and took our drinks order.

pillar of salt 1 Pillar of Salt

I was still settling on my new style of coffee and ordered a 20130106 140820 Willis St 1 150x150 Pillar of Salt macchiato. Suze ordered [what I'm pretty sure was a house made] soy chai. (Sorry! I can’t remember.) My coffee was rich, dark and fruity….and gone all to quickly. That’s the problem with the macchiato, too short, too quick! Suze’s chai is sweetly presented and has the rich heady smell of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

I loooooove to go out for breaky….well, ok, I love going out for any meal really but there is something special about breakfast. Sometimes breaky menus get a bit tired though….a bit like everyone has basically the same menu and there’s nothing really interesting or different. There’s nothing wrong with having a few faves but breakfast deserves variety, too. Whether I fancy an old faithful (like a hangover bacon and egg roll) or want to try something new, I judge a cafe’s breakfast menu based on the number of items that are a bit different. And I’m excited when I read the  POS menu….there are so many things I want to order!

Our happy, engaging waitress who takes our order is clearly a foodie, so we take some guidance from her. Suze ordered a breaky of sides – avo, spinach, tomato and multigrain toast, the latter on recommendation. I’m torn between the zucchini omelette with Persian feta and toast or the spiced lentils with minted yogurt, topped with a fried egg accompanied by grilled roti. The waitress hasn’t had the omelette and is enthusiastic about the lentils. Based on it being the most different, I go with the lentils.

Pillar of Salt Breaky Sides 768x1024 Pillar of Salt

When I see Suze’s toast and avo, I’m pretty sure order envy is headed my way. Look at those thick, really multigrainy pieces of toast and that big half avo roughed out of its skin, shiny, creamy and inviting. Then I see and smell my lentil dish and it’s allllllll gooooooood. Earthy puy lentils are cooked with generous amounts of cumin and coriander, a fresh squeeze of lemon and then topped with an egg sunny side-up. The side of minted yogurt refreshes the palette with its creamy sour bite cutting through the rich lentils. My real order envy fear was the bread…..I don’t keep bread in the house, so I only get toast on the outside and Suze’s bread looks seriously good.  The roti is warm and light, grilled without being crispy. I tear pieces of the buttery bread dipping it in my lentils and egg yolk. It seems to last forever…toast envy dismissed.

Pillar of Salt 2 Pillar of Salt


A display of sweet treats look absolutely divine….particularly the hazelnut meringue. Alas, I am so stuffed it will have to wait for my next trip to Melbourne.

minilogo Pillar of Salt



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  1. Oh I’ve been looking for that exact breakfast I had while I’ve been in Hobart without much luck. Breakfast with a lovely friend trumps food every time though ;)

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